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Public Records Request Responses

As a part of our commitment to public transparency, the State Auditor’s Office makes all public records requests and their responses available to the public. We are only able to produce the records our Office holds, but all records requests and responses from the last six months are posted here. For responses older than six months, please contact us.

Release DateTitle
December 4, 2019 Records Not Held By SAO
December 4, 2019 Records Not Held By SAO
December 4, 2019Columbia Transit Management Letter
November 25, 2019 Lower Squilchuck Irrigation Dist. 2018 Annual Report
November 25, 2019 Audit budget info for 2 yrs. for 4 counties
November 14, 2019State Auditor’s travel records for term
October 31, 2019 List of financial/performance audits selected by NSAA
October 30, 2019 Records related to SAO Performance Audit Team/Program
October 30, 2019 Records related to SAO Fraud Team/Program
October 29, 2019 Hotline/Frauds within Clark Co. 9/2/19-10/21/19
October 23, 2019 Hotline complaints past 2 yrs. South Kitsap Schools
October 17, 2019 Sequim SD Fraud records #1024661
October 9, 2019 Hotline/Frauds within Clark Co. 12/1/18-2/6/19
October 9, 2019 Records related to School Lunch Program Performance Audit
October 9, 2019 SAO Contract K627 information
October 2, 2019 Management letters 2016-current re: Hotel/Motel Tax
September 25, 2019Evergreen SD workpapers #1024422
September 18, 2019 Survey information from Mukilteo SD #1024471
September 18, 2019 Records Not Held By SAO
September 16, 2019 Hotline/Fraud within Clark Co. 7/1/18-12/16/18
September 11, 2019 City of Wapato
September 10, 2019 Snohomish Co. PTBA 2018 records
September 10, 2019 Ben Franklin Transit 2018 Financial & Federal Workpapers
September 10, 2019 City of Cosmopolis audit records
August 28, 2019 Records Not Held By SAO
August 28, 2019 Records Not Held By SAO
August 21, 2019 Request for Seattle Colleges Financial Audit for 2017-2018
August 21, 2019Any and all records pertaining to Western State Hospital Fraud #1016250
August 7, 2019 Any and all communications between City of Tenino & SAO pertaining to Accountability Audit #1018891
August 7, 2019 Copy of report and findings of City of DuPont investigation
August 7, 2019 Request for list of all public agencies/jurisdictions and MCAG numbers
August 7, 2019Request for latest Accountability audit for East Lewis Co. PDA
July 31, 2019Copy of testing section from Columbia River Crossing Project – Performance Audit
July 25, 2019Copy of final DFW fraud report related to Robert Woodard
July 24, 2019Any and all documents regarding citizen hotlines on City of Blake Diamond 2015-present
July 17, 2019Copy of management letter from Lake Washington SD report #1023920
July 11, 2019Any and all records pertaining to Port of Seattle/Seafair Hotline complaint from 2018
July 10, 2019Records Not Held By SAO
July 10, 2019Copies of all records regarding King County Drainage District #5 Fraud investigation 2012-2019
July 10, 2019Copies of workpapers from 2016 Assessment Audit for Agnew Irrigation District
July 3, 2019All data and workpapers associated with Performance Audit: Refrorming Bail Practices in Washington
July 3, 2019All records pertaining to loss referral from Kitsap Public Health District regarding Tina Davis-Munn
July 3, 2019Any and all data from The Effect of Public Records on State & Local Government regarding UW
July 3, 2019Request for all records related to Kittitas County Accountability Audit 1016109
July 2, 2019Request for King Co. FPD #16 complaint and supporting documents filed on 4/4/2018