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Whistleblower Program

"If you see something, say something"

State employees who want to report suspected improper governmental actions may participate in the Whistleblower program. The range of activities covered is wide: using a state computer or email for a private business, failing to competitively bid contracts, using a state position to extend privileges to the employee or someone connected to the employee, or grossly mismanaging public funds and resources.

What does the Whistleblower Act say?  

State law (RCW 42.40) protects the identity of whistleblowers, whether you are the person who filed the report or you provide evidence and information for an investigation. It also prohibits retaliation against people who report improper actions under the Act. You can read the full provisions on the Washington State Legislature's web page

Who can I talk to at my agency?  

If you prefer to file your initial complaint elsewhere, you can search for designated officials here

File a Whistleblower report online  

Click here to file a Whistleblower report online. A committee reviews all Whistleblower submissions. We assess each one before deciding how to proceed.

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