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At the Center for Government Innovation, we want you to get to know your local governments in Washington better. Come take a video tour all about governments in Washington; who they are and what they do. Have a suggestion for something you’d like to see? Get in contact with us at

Gov 101: Counties

Curious about how government operates in the 39 counties in Washington state?  Get some of your questions answered in the short video.

Gov 101: School Districts

Schools are an important type of government in Washington, tasked with the education of the state’s children. In this short and engaging video, learn more about what kinds of laws and regulations guide schools’ operations.

Gov 101: Where does local government’s money come from?

Local governments across Washington are funded in a variety of ways. Learn what money local governments take in to fund their operations and services with this short video.

Gov 101: Where does local government’s money go?

Local governments in Washington state use the money they get to fund a variety of things, including their operations and services to their residents. This short video gives an overview of what local governments do with their money.

Gov 101: Cities & Towns

Want to learn more about what makes a city or town in Washington? This short video will give you a basic understanding of what a city is and how it operates.