Tolling Performance Audits

​​​Washington Department of Transportation: Improving the Toll Collection System (pdf, 14.2m​b) May 2016

Summary: ​​​​Washington’s statewide, all-electronic, toll collection system began its operations in 2011. The system, managed by the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Toll Division, has processed millions of toll transactions that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in toll revenue to help meet the state’s transportation needs. Our audit found that the system lacks key functions and has other operational limitations that affect toll processing, collection and managerial reporting. In addition, WSDOT has not been successful enforcing requirements designed to ensure the toll system vendor complies with information security standards. Our recommendations aim to ensure these issues do not persist as the Toll Division develops the next generation toll collection system and adds more tolled facilities.​ Read the two-page summary (pdf, 119kb).

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Washington's Tolling Program: Lessons Learned from Project Delays (pdf, 1.8mb) August 2013 

Summary: The State Department of Transportation's State Route 520 tolling project experienced delays in implementation. To avoid future delays and complications, we recommended that the Transportation Secretary ensures clear decision-making authority for its Toll Division, as well as clearly defined roles and responsibilities for projects it manages. Read the two-page summary (pdf, 518kb)

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