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New Freedom Consumer-Directed Services (pdf, 1.3 mb)
December 2014
Summary: Facing a growing aging population and limited financial resources, Washington must evaluate which long-term care models for low-income adults with disabilities and elderly people will provide the highest quality and most cost-effective services. This performance audit evaluated the effectiveness and costs of New Freedom Consumer Directed Services, comparing it to the statewide Community Options Program Entry System (COPES). We found that New Freedom participants take advantage of the program's unique benefits, and are very satisfied with the program and the services they receive. New Freedom and COPES clients experience comparable health outcomes, for the same cost to the state. However, New Freedom's individual budget model is not suitable for all long-term care clients, and creates some administrative challenges. And with the state's adoption of the Medicaid option Community First Choice, Washington has an opportunity to apply lessons learned from the implementation of New Freedom to the state's new long-term care program. Read the two-page summary (pdf, 100kb)


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