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The State Auditor's Office is responsible for performing audits at the state government level. We conduct a range of audits – including financial audits, federal assistance audits (also called 'single audits'), and performance audits. Our website has resources to assist state agencies as they conduct business and prepare for audits.

To maximize our limited resources in the state audit revolving account for state-level accountability audits, we use a statewide risk assessment and planning process to select significant issues to address, rather than auditing individual agencies. Our most recent accountability audits examined state grants, benefit payments, tuition waivers and use of state-issued credit cards. In addition, we conduct audits to verify state agency compliance with IT security standards.

Finally, we are responsible for two important annual audits, described below.

The state's financial condition is addressed in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

The State Auditor's report on the state's financial condition is published every year by the Office of Financial Management. The CAFR is a long, complex document – but it covers detailed information on the state's structure, services and finances, as well as trends and nonfinancial data.

State agencies' use of federal grants are covered in the State of Washington Single Audit Report (SWSA)

The State Auditor reports on how state agencies have managed the federal grants they receive; it is published annually by the Office of Financial Management. It is an important audit: during fiscal year 2013 the state received $14.9 billion in cash and other federal assistance, such as food for school children and vaccines for at-risk or low-income people. We audited 31 programs that received $8.7 billion – about 58 percent of all federal dollars the state received.



You have a role in supporting state government accountability

If you live or work in Washington, you can play a part in improving the way government does business. Please visit our Investigations page to learn how to report a problem or suggest improvements. State government employee can also file a confidential Whistleblower report online.

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