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Debt-Offset Programs: A tool to help Washington collect delinquent debt (pdf, 1.8mb)
December 4, 2014

Summary: By implementing a state debt-offset program and participating in the U.S. Treasury's State Reciprocal Program, this performance audit found that Washington could more quickly and efficiently collect delinquent business debt. These programs intercept payments the state makes to businesses that owe money to the state and use it to offset debts the business owes, such as delinquent state taxes. We researched leading practices, and spoke to nine states that use debt-offset programs, and found that effective programs encourage wide participation across agencies, and use processes that are standardized and automated. The report includes recommendations that could help Washington establish a comprehensive debt-offset program.  Read the two-page summary (182 kb)


Watch a video about our State Debt Offset audit featuring performance auditors Nancy Dufoe and Sohara Monaghan:


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