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Performance Audits : Recent Reports : Regulatory Reform

The State Auditor's Office has completed four audits in a series designed to identify opportunities for the state to improve the way it interacts with businesses. These regulatory reform audits focus on the activities of 26 state regulatory agencies that administer more than 1,100 business licenses, permits and inspections.

Assessing Implementation of the Regulatory Fairness Act

The fourth, most recent audit (pdf, 1.2 mb) offered suggestions to help agencies meet the requirements of the Regulatory Fairness Act, a law designed to help mitigate any disproportionate costs of regulation on small businesses. View the videocast (YouTube). Read the two-page summary (pdf, 198 kb).

Earlier audits in this series

The first audit (pdf, 6.5mb) examined how well state agencies communicate with businesses and what processes agencies use to streamline their rules. 
The second audit (pdf, 1.96mb) looked for opportunities to improve permit timeliness.
The third audit (pdf, 1.5mb) identified opportunities to improve regulatory coordination between state agencies. View the videocast here (YouTube). Read the two-page summary (pdf, 80 kb). 

Inventory of Regulations

In September 2011, to gather baseline information, we compiled an inventory that identifies:

  • The purpose of each business license, permit or inspection
  • The business activity being regulated
  • Where the application is available, with links to online applications
  • The fee for each license, permit or inspection
  • The state laws and administrative rules that govern the permit, license or inspection process
  • Whether the application or information about the specific regulatory requirement is available through the websites of the state Office of Regulatory Assistance (ORA) or Business License Service (BLS).

In 2014, we updated the information in the inventories. Inventories that have been recently updated are marked with an asterisk (*).

Viewing the inventories

The links below open the inventory of regulations for each agency, listing all forms and the number of uses for each form. For example, if one permit application form listed different fees or requirements, we considered each use to be a separate permit.

Links open in an online spreadsheet that contains separate worksheet tabs for permits, licenses and inspections; the spreadsheets can also be opened and saved in Excel. The worksheets are designed to be printable on 11-by-17-inch paper; this document (pdf, 122kb) has instructions on formatting.

We are interested in hearing your feedback about the usefulness and organization of this web page and the inventory. Please email your comments or questions to Lori Reimann Garretson .

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