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The Performance Audit division also produces interim reports and program overviews in the course of its audit work. On this page, you can view the additional products of several recent engagements, as well as our annual progress reports.

Performance Audit division 2016 progress report (pdf, 1.6mb)

Performance Audit division 2014 annual report (pdf, 550 kb)

Performance Audit division 2013 annual report (pdf, 1.2mb) 

Program Understanding: Low-Income Housing Rental Assistance Programs 
(pdf, 1mb) September 2014
In August 2014, the Performance Audit division partnered with the U.S. Government Accountability Office in a project to better understand Washington's low-income housing rental assistance programs. We asked six entities – including state agencies, housing authorities and city departments – for information on their rental assistance programs, and for comments on the barriers and challenges they face in meeting their performance goals. The Government Accountability Office used this information to identify fragmentation, duplication or overlap of rental assistance programs in its own report: Affordable Rental Housing: Assistance Is Provided by Federal, State, and Local Programs, but There Is Incomplete Information on Collective Performance (pdf, 2.6mb, September 2015). Information about the nature and function of the 33 programs we reported on may also be useful to legislators and others. 

Columbia River Crossing Project Audit
(pdf, 1.7mb) April 2014
The State Auditor's Office conducted an audit to Yellow Book standards of the Columbia River Crossing Project, under an agreement with Washington's Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee. In April 2013, when the Legislature decided against further funding for the project, it requested this forensic audit. Because about $137 million of the project's $182 million in expenditures consisted of payments to consultants, we conducted this audit to assess two aspects of expenditure:
     * Did the project overpay consultants for their services?
     * Was the work added over time consistent with the original solicitation?

Washington's K-12 Education Accountability System for Low-Performing Schools 
(pdf, 270kb) June 2013
The relatively high percentage of Washington's students attending a low-performing school and new federal requirements for the state prompted us to conduct a performance audit of the state’s system to hold schools accountable. A new law acts on criteria identified in our performance audit. Read the short review of the work we did here (pdf, 270kb).

A Review of Prison Cost Drivers 
(pdf, 114kb) March 2013
Since 2008, the state has been working to reduce prison costs. We sought better information about how much the state spends on prisons, what drives those costs, and what the state has done to save money on the prison system.

Regulatory Reform: Business regulation inventory September 2012
The Auditor's Office is conducting a series of audits designed to identify opportunities for the state to improve the way it interacts with businesses. We started the project by compiling an inventory of more than 1,300 business permits, licenses and inspections administered by 26 state agencies that regulate business activity. Future audits will examine state agencies' processes for updating their regulations, improving permit processing time and efficiently targeting business inspections.

You can read more about the audits in the series and browse the inventories to learn more about the permits we inventoried.

Performance Report: Washington State Department of Transportation Ferries Division
(pdf, 1.3mb) September 2010
This report showed Washington State Ferries had responded to all previous performance audit recommendations for its timekeeping and payroll processes, with one exception. The division had not replaced its timekeeping and payroll processing system.

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