State Government : Performance Audit

​​​​Correctional Industries examined in new performance audit

One of the ways the Washington State Department of Corrections attempts to reduce the number of people returning to prison after release is through its Correctional Industries (CI) program, a work-training program that strives to teach inmates marketable job skills. Our performance audit found that while CI seeks to maintain and expand its work training programs, it has had challenges expanding existing industries and planning for new ones; we recommended four leading practices that could help CI strengthen its planning and programming development, such as establishing a formal, agency-wide business planning policy and improving processes for gaining customer feedback. Further, establishing a pricing policy could help CI ensure it prices its products competitively. We also found that most industries are under the market-share threshold set by CI. Read the full report (pdf, 1.1 mb).  Read the two-page summary (pdf, 97 kb).


​​​​How well have state agencies have implemented the Regulatory Fairness Act?

A recent performance audit, the fourth report (pdf, 1.2 mb) in a series exploring aspects of regulatory reform, offered suggestions to help agencies meet the requirements of the Regulatory Fairness Act, a law designed to help mitigate any disproportionate costs of regulation on small businesses. We also identified materials (listed below) that can help agencies meet all the Act's requirements.  Read the two-page summary (pdf, 198 kb).

​​Performance audits work to improve service to the public

We provide the public and state leaders with independent, objective evaluations of the effectiveness, economy and efficiency of public services, at both the state and the local level. We publish a report setting out the actions agencies take to implement our recommendations.


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