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​​​​New performance audit considered barriers people face in becoming certified Home Care Aides

A newly published performance audit looked at the problems people may face when attempting to become certified as home care aides. Through a survey of applicants who did not become certified, we found that almost two-thirds dropped out due to barriers, many facing problems when signing up for training or the exam. Respondents said they could not find course times that fit their schedule or a training location or testing site close to home. Respondents who did not speak English would often find language barriers insurmountable and leave the program. Many said it was difficult finding training and exams in their preferred language. The departments of Health and Social and Health Services have taken steps to address these barriers working with their partners to try to increase the number of locations that offer training and exams. Read the full report (pdf, 1.3 mb). Read the two-page summary (pdf, 94 kb).  



Recent audits reviewed medical discipline in Washington and opportunities to improve state IT security

A recent performance audit examined the processes around medical discipline in Washington applied by the Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC) and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery (BOMS). Despite similarities in the professions they serve and the issues they review, we found a number of differences in how the two boards manage their affairs and regulate their providers. Our key recommendation, to merge these two boards, would address many of the issues we found and promote consistency. Watch a video about this audit (YouTube). Read the two-page summary (pdf, 94 kb).  Read the full report (pdf, 1.5 mb).

A second audit looked for opportunities to strengthen information technology (IT) security controls at state agencies in Washington. Working with subject matter experts, we conducted security assessments of organizational IT infrastructure and applications at three state agencies. The agencies we examined have taken significant measures to protect their IT systems from risk; where we identified ways to improve them, we communicated them directly to the agencies and to WaTech's Office of Cyber Security. However, to protect the state's IT systems from attack, our report does not include the agencies' names or detailed descriptions of our results. Read the full report (pdf, 310 kb).

​​Performance audits work to improve service to the public

We provide the public and state leaders with independent, objective evaluations of the effectiveness, economy and efficiency of public services, at both the state and the local level.

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