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New performance audit looks at practices around embedded commercial recycling

Some cities in Washington make recycling an automatic part of garbage service for businesses. Performance auditors found that this practice may result in higher recycling rates, but may also reduce the competition for recycling services in that area and results in businesses paying more in both changes and taxes. Because the Office was asked by the Legislature to answer specific questions, we do not make recommendations in this audit. However, in light of changes in the recycling market, we suggest that cities and haulers reconsider how they collect recycling in future contract negotiations.

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Recent audit helps Liquor & Cannabis Board improve its use of risk management tools to track marijuana transactions

A new performance audit identified ways to help the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) improve its use of automated risk management tools in its new marijuana tracking system. The audit found LCB can use data it already collects to calculate reasonable value ranges for marijuana processing yields, inventory adjustments, sales and other transactions at steps where the risk for diverting product to the illegal market is particularly high. Recommendations include establishing thresholds that will automatically alert LCB staff to unusual data that fall outside the reasonable ranges, allowing the agency to prioritize its audits and enforcement investigations.

​​Performance audits work to improve service to the public

We provide the public and state leaders with independent, objective evaluations of the effectiveness, economy and efficiency of public services, at both the state and the local level. We publish a report setting out the actions agencies take to implement our recommendations.

We have now published more than 100 performance audit reports. Click to view a list of all Performance Audit division reports including those published from 2007 onwards. Use the "search text" box on that page to find specific topics within that list.

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