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​​​​New audit examined ways to more quickly verify incomes of Apple Health clients

A recently published performance audit examined the processes used by Health Care Authority staff to conduct income verifications for new or renewing Medicaid applicants. Over time, a backlog had built up that resulted in ineligible clients receiving five months of benefits on average before the agency ended coverage. The audit found the agency could further reduce the amount of benefits purchased for ineligible clients if it hires additional verification workers starting in July 2018. This would likely result in net state savings that exceed $13 million by June 2020. Because of funding restrictions, the agency will need a legislative appropriation to pay for these additional employees. Read the full report (pdf, 1 mb).  Read the two-page summary (pdf, 101 kb).

Recent performance audit examined pricing and customer service at WaTech

In response to customer agency concerns, a new performance audit examined service offerings at the state's main IT service provider, WaTech. Auditors reviewed the agency's processes for gathering and incorporating customer input, making prices transparent, and monitoring service costs. The agencies interviewed for this performance audit comprised 70 percent of WaTech’s monthly revenue, making them high-impact customers; most of these agencies said WaTech’s services do not meet their needs. WaTech has also struggled to recover its costs on half of its business centers. However, WaTech has been making improvements to address agency concerns. and to balance its budget. Read the full report (pdf, 1.2 mb).  Read the two-page summary (pdf, 101 kb).



​​Performance audits work to improve service to the public

We provide the public and state leaders with independent, objective evaluations of the effectiveness, economy and efficiency of public services, at both the state and the local level. We publish a report setting out the actions agencies take to implement our recommendations.

We have now published more than 100 performance audit reports. Click to view a list of all Performance Audit division reports including those published from 2007 onwards. Use the "search text" box on that page to find specific topics within that list.


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