Performance Audit : Work in Progress

What are we working on now?

Several performance audits are under way at any given time, and more are being considered. Once a performance audit has completed its initial planning work, we publish a one-page description of the project, summarizing the topic and our plans for conducting the audit. To learn more about the projects in progress, read the one-page summaries below.

One page summaries of our current audits by topic area 


Sharing School Safety Planning Leading Practices (pdf, 74 kb) Spring 2019

Homeless Students: Strengthening identification, support and connection to services (pdf, 121 kb) mid-2019

School Nutrition: Evaluating Elementary School Lunch Scheduling Practices (pdf, 77 kb) Summer 2019 

Health and Human Services

Assessing Extended Family Exemptions for Individual Providers (pdf, 75 kb) early 2019 

Government Operations


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