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This page contains synopses, links to published reports, and other materials addressing transportation systems and projects.

Washington's Tolling Program: Lessons Learned from Project Delays (pdf, 1.8mb) August 2013
Summary: The State Department of Transportation's State Route 520 tolling project experienced delays in implementation. To avoid future delays and complications, we recommended that the Transportation Secretary ensures clear decision-making authority for its Toll Division, as well as clearly defined roles and responsibilities for projects it manages. Read the two-page summary (pdf, 518kb)

Washington State Ferries: Vessel Construction Costs (pdf, 2mb) January 2013
Summary: We found it costs more to build a ferry when Washington State Ferries is the purchaser, for two primary reasons. First, current state regulatory requirements limit competition on new state ferry procurements, driving costs higher. Second, the state does not consistently use leading practices to contain construction costs.​

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