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Determining Costs per Student for Washington's Medical Schools (pdf, 3 mb)
August 2017
Summary:  At the Legislature’s direction, the Office of the State Auditor examined the costs of medical education at the University of Washington (UW) School of Medicine and projected costs at Washington State University’s (WSU) Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

The audit determined that medical costs per student at UW's medical school, for students from Washington and WWAMI partner states, were $90,640 in fiscal year 2015. Washington state funds and tuition subsidized less than 2percent of costs for students from the four partner states: Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

Planned medical education costs at WSU are $125,960 per student in fiscal year 2023, when staffing and enrollment are expected to stabilize and start-up costs begin phasing out.  This projected cost includes growth and inflation of between 1.8 percent and 5 percent depending on the type of the expense.

The audit did not compare costs between the two medical schools because differences between programs – including the number of students, the length of time the school has been operational, and other considerations – affect the cost of medical education.

Appendix B refers to two reports prepared for UW and WSU. Because these reports are no longer available on the universities' websites, we have included them here:

Cost/Benefit and Economic Impact Analysis of Medical Education Expansion Options/Needs in Eastern Washington (2014), Tripp Umbach (pdf, 1 mb)  - Prepared at the request of UW.

Medical School Feasibility Report (2014), MGT of America (pdf, 2.4 mb) - Prepared at the request of WSU.


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