Performance Audit : Earlier Work

State Government : Performance Audit : Earlier Work by Topic Area

This directory of performance audit topics will guide you to audits performed from 2012 onwards. If no link is shown below in blue, you can:

  • visit our Work In Progress page to learn about audits now under way
  • or view a list of all Performance Audit division reports including those published in 2011 and earlier. Use the "search text" box on that page to find specific topics within that list.

Subject areas

Economic Development and Commerce

Education Topics include kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) schooling, higher education and low-performing schools.

Government Operations Topics include information technology (IT), financial management and regulatory reform.

Human Services and Safety Topics include health services, vulnerable children and adults, public safety and prisons.

Natural Resources

Transportation Topics include capital projects, operations and program management.



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