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Our Office published a performance audit of the state program that processes complaints regarding residential care of vulnerable adults, including allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation. We found the Department of Social and Health Services' Complaint Resolution Unit struggled to process complaints within required time frames early in Fiscal Year 2015. This was in part due to an inefficient voicemail system. However, the program is implementing online complaint reporting to reduce the use of the voicemail system and improve processing times.

We also found that Complaint Resolution Unit staff were reasonably accurate when prioritizing complaints by severity. There was a concern, however, that staff would assign a high-risk complaint a lower priority than their managers would have. In addition, we noted inconsistent assessments in a quarter of test cases, which may be attributed in part to the program's lack of a quality assurance process. We made recommendations for improvement to the agency. Read the two-page summary (pdf, 90 kb)

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