The Resources section of our website provides information and materials for governments being audited, the media and members of the public. Use the links below or in the navigation panel at left to find the information you need.

The Public Records Requests section will show you how to get information about audit results or request information with a public records request. You can also view all recent public records request responses.

The Annual Reports page makes it easy to find certain reports that are not catalogued in our database in the same way performance or financial audits are. They include our Office's annual report, as well as summaries of state-level financial audits.

The Local Government Resources page guides you to information specific to local government needs, such as the Local Government Financial Reporting System (LGFRS), help with online filing, Lean training and resources, the new Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT), technical assistance, best practices information, and more.

The Media Resources page has more information for a news story, contact our Communications department, view all of our podcasts and videocasts, and read our Audit Connections newsletters.

The Auditing Resources page offers additional resources about auditing and the auditing process, including financial reporting and management, preventing and detecting fraud, contracting resources, and more.
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