Public Records

​What information is part of "the public record?"

A "public record" is any state or local record related to the conduct of government or the performance of a governmental function, prepared or used or retained by any state or local agency. The Washington State Office of the Attorney General summarizes clearly what public records are on its public records web page. The actual state law is set out in all its detail on the Legislature's web page for the Public Records Act

Are you looking for a specific public records request response?

We have a page for recent public records request responses. Responses to information will be placed on this page. For specific records not included on this page, you will still need to fill out a public records request form.

Where can I get information about the results of
your audits?

The State Auditor's Office publishes reports on our audits and investigations. 

  • Audit reports released from January 2005 to the present are available on our website. Search current reports.
  • Audit reports released in 2004 and earlier are available from the Washington State Archives.  You can request a report from the State Archives by emailing

If the information you are interested in does not appear fully in the report, you may ask to see additional data through a public records request. You can also request other kinds of information about the State Auditor's Office. Read the full list of records (pdf, 382kb)  we keep.  We also have a SAO Master Redaction Code List to show the redaction codes we use when processing a typical records request.

We don't have everything you might be looking for…

If you need a record for birth, death, marriage or divorce, please visit the State Department of Health.

Information about property transactions and deeds can be obtained from the county where the property is located. You can find a list of counties at the Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington

I would like to ask for more information…

We are committed to responding to all requests for public records promptly. It will help us find what you are looking for if you give us a detailed description of the records you are requesting.

You can read our policy on public records, or read the full policy (pdf, 46kb).

Attn: ​Public Records Officer
State Auditor's Office
PO Box 40031
Olympia, WA  98504-0031


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