Auditing Resources : Accountability

​Keeping government entities accountable for their activities and the public funds in their care is an important role for the State Auditor's Office. The resources on this page can help both local and state organizations improve their processes and procedures.

Leading practices discussed in performance audits

Several of the performance audits conducted by the State Auditor's Office identified valuable leading practices. They include:

GFOA Best Practices

The Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) maintains a list of best practices which identify specific policies and procedures to improve government management. More than 150 best practices and advisories are listed, with more added or updated every year, including:

Leading practices identified by the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC)

MRSC is a private, non-profit organization that contracts with the state to provide services to municipal governments. Its mission is to promote excellence in Washington local governments through professional consultation, research and information services. MRSC's comprehensive website contains a wealth of valuable and relevant information, including:

​Guidance is relevant to Local Government : Accountability audits.

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