Online Training Library

Online Training library

The State Auditor's Office is pleased to offer free, web-based training opportunities to governments through our Training Library. Please select from the following options below to begin a training.

Capital Assets Management: an Overview (eLearning runs 19:00) This brief overview introduces the basics of a capital assets management system, including properly recording, maintaining and safeguarding assets. In addition to this eLearning, a helpful tool can be found on our Office’s website in our “Checklist for Capital Assets” and technical guidance is in the Budgeting, Accounting, and Reporting System (BARS) manuals

The Lean Charter Document (eLearning runs 15:00): A charter document is a Lean tool required at the start of the State Auditor's Office Lean Academy. It increases the possibility of reaching targeted goals and sustaining long-term improvements. This eLearning describes what the charter document is, why it is important, and the step-by-step instructions to create your own. Read the Sample Agency Charter Document. (pdf) Use an editable charter document template.​ (​Word document)

Fraud: Detection & Deterrence (eLearning runs 40:00): This eLearning for local governments includes a brief overview of the most common types of fraud schemes, their associated red flags, and suggested internal controls.

Fraud: Recognizing and Reporting (eLearning runs 25:00): This training will show local government officials how to be aware of, respond to and report possible fraud.

Overview of State Government Audit Services (eLearning runs 13:00): The State Auditor's Office has prepared a short, web-based presentation that describes our role and responsibility in auditing and investigating state government agencies.

An Overview of Audit Services​ (​eLearning runs 15:00): Provides an introduction to audit procedures for local governments and an overview of our audit services.

Updated for 2018- Introduction to the BARS M​anuals (eLearning runs 46:00): Covers the basic contents of the Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting System (BARS) manuals and guidelines for navigating the manuals.

Introduction to Lean training (eLearning runs 40:55): ​Learn what "Lean" is, why Lean is good for business and how some of the basic Lean concepts like waste, visual management, value stream maps, and stand-up meetings can improve and transform your organization.

BARS Manual/File Online training: This library contains a comprehensive BARS training, and shorter training videos on frequently asked questions about BARS and filing online. (YouTube)

Open Public Meetings Act/Public Records Act training: This webpage contains links to an eLearning, PowerPoint presentation and more. (eLearning runs 1:02:01)

Training from Washington Finance Officers Association (WFOA)​Available on the WFOA website, this page contains training opportunities on the BARS manual and more.

​​​Are you looking for other resources or training opportunities? Visit our "Training and other resources"​ page for more information on events that the State Auditor's Office may be holding near you.

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