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​Local governments love FIT

In this video, we speak to a variety of local government officials who are demoing FIT for the first time. We have heard many inspiring stories from individual FIT users who said they used it to facilitate communication between finance staff and elected officials, or as a tool in the budgeting process.


Learn more about FIT below:

Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT)                                                          

Local government operations are complex. Officials must manage myriad state and federal regulations, funding sources, and community priorities while balancing persistently constrained resources. To successfully manage this complexity, leaders need to understand local government finance. This is why the State Auditor's Office created the Local Government Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT). FIT has now been released to the majority of governments that record their transactions using the BARS cash basis of accounting. To access FIT, click here.

​Training and other resources

The State Auditor's Office is committed to working with governments to help them deliver higher value and earn greater public trust. We offer FREE training on online financial report filing, Lean practices, and more. To see a complete listing of all our training programs, click here.

The Local Government Performance Center offers training and technical assistance to local government elected officials, managers, and staff who want their organization to improve its performance, effectiveness, efficiency, customer satisfaction and/or transparency. To learn more about how to receive training and technical assistance, click here. To access our resource database, click here.

​Lean Guidance and Training​

Like most governments, cities and counties in Washington are being asked to do more with less. They have slashed budgets, reduced staff and eliminated programs--but still struggle to deliver required services with existing resources. Lean performance improvement strategies can help governments deliver services to citizens more effectively by reducing variation, waste and delays in complicated processes. These strategies may be common in business and industry: the Performance Center's Lean training and resources help bring these same strategies to local government organizations across the state. To learn more, click here.

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