Local Government : Financial Reporting System

Welcome to the Local Government Financial Reporting System (LGFRS).

Make sure to check out the new and improved LGFRS tool, updated with new functionality and features designed to improve the understandability of local government financial data.

Using the classic-view Report Menu, you can explore unaudited annual financial data submitted to the State Auditor's Office by local governments.

A few things to be aware of as you explore the data…

  • This release of LGFRS includes the following funds: General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, Debt Service Funds, Capital Projects Fund, and Enterprise Fund.
  • Data may be missing if government organizations have not reported it to us yet. Large variances in data from year-to-year may be caused by annexations and incorporations of local governments.
  • All local governments are required to report annually, however not all have done so.

To get started with the classic LGFRS version, click here.

The data and information presented on the Local Government Financial Reporting System site is provided directly by the local governments as directed by state statute. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of their information because we have not audited it in any way.

For general questions about this site please contact Christy Raske (360) 725-5593.  

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