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​8/1/2018​BARS Manual Update - New Accounts and Changes to Object Code 50View Download
​3/21/2018​BARS Manual Update - Capital Assets Inventory in CountiesView Download
​3/7/2018​BARS Manual Update - Tax Abatement information available on teh DOR website (GAAP governments only)View Download​
​7/20/2017​BARS Manual Update - Coding Marijuana Excise Tax Distribution (Cities/Counties Only)​View Download
​3/14/2017​BARS Update - Reporting Court Related Agency Deposits and Remittances (Cities/Counties Only)View Download
​1/4/2017​BARS Manuals Update - 2017 Filing System Update ​View Download
​4/21/2016​BARS Manual Update - Revisions to the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA/Schedule 16)View Download
​4/5/2016​BARS Codes for a New DistributionView Download
​2/10/2016​BARS Manual Update - Cash BARS only - Pension Accounting and Reporting

View Download​

​2/10/2016​BARS Manual Update - GAAP BARS only - Pension LiabilitiesView Download
​2/8/2016​BARS Manuals Update - BARS Coding of Miscellaneous Revenue View Download
​12/23/2015​BARS Manuals Update - 2016 Filing System UpdateView Download
​10/05/2015​BARS Manual Update - GAAP Cities, Counties and Special Purpose Districts - Upcoming ChangesView Download
​9/30/2015​BARS Manuals Update - Cities and Counties Only - Cash Basis and GAAP - Marijuana Enforcement Code​View Download
​3/11/2015​BARS Manuals Update - Cash BARS Only - Reserved and Unreserved Cash and InvestmentsView Download
​1/6/2015​BARS Manuals Update - Online Filing System Update

View Download


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