Local Government Performance Center : About the Center

The Performance Center began as a way to bring the recommendations from performance audits to the smaller local governments. The Center is a resource for local governments that need to solve problems, reduce costs, and improve the value of their services to residents. It offers training and tools to help local governments improve performance and effectiveness. The Center evolved from outreach conducted by the State Auditor's Office but also from the input of local government leaders who know that 'business as usual' cannot continue in the face of faltering tax revenues and pressing citizen needs.​

Click above to listen to a podcast about our Local Government Performance Center. In the photo, Deputy Director of Local Government Services Sheri Sawyer (left) receives the 2014 NSAA Excellence in Accountability Award.

How does the Center fit with the work of the Auditor's Office?

We have worked hard to assemble helpful information that, if shared broadly, could help local governments struggling to reduce costs and improve results do so more quickly and easily. The Center complements the other work done by our Office. By devoting some of our resources to the Center, the Performance Audit Division can build on that work, helping more local governments more quickly than we could with individual audits.

Who leads the Center's efforts?

We work continuously with local government leaders to provide the resources they need the most.

  • We do not duplicate resources offered by groups such as Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) and International City/County Management Association (ICMA).
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What does it cost?

We do not charge for this service. A small fraction of the Performance Audit budget is dedicated to the effort.

How can I stay informed or find out more?

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