About Special Investigations

The State Auditor's Office conducts three types of investigations that begin with a tip or a lead reported by a citizen or an employee of a local or state government entity.

Citizen Hotline

Any citizen – government employee or not – is welcome to send the Auditor's Office suggestions to improve government efficiency, praise a job well done, or report waste, fraud, or abuse of government resources. We will follow up, evaluate the matter, and take appropriate action.

Fraud Program

State law requires that all state agencies and local governments notify the Auditor's Office as soon as they suspect a fraud has taken place. Our audit teams perform investigations, and provide guidance to  state agencies and local governments   performing investigations.  We subsequently report the results of the investigations and make recommendations for improvement in government operations and recovery of public funds when appropriate.

Whistleblower Program

This program is just for state government employees who want to report suspected improper government action. Special conditions apply, both to the information reported and the protection of the whistleblower.

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