Information for Whistleblower Designees

In addition to filing whistleblower complaints with the State Auditor's Office, the Whistleblower Act allows state employees to file with certain public officials or designees. 

This includes:

  • The employee's agency head, director, president or equivalent therefore in the agency;
  • An appropriate number of individuals designated by the agency head;
  • The Attorney General's designee; or
  • The Executive Ethics Board

RCW 42.40.040(1)(a) states that public officials must report assertions of improper governmental action  to our Office within 15 calendar days after the complaint was received.

The State Auditor's Office has sole authority to determine whether to investigate the assertion.

When a public official or designee is uncertain whether an employee filed a whistleblower complaint, we recommend they attempt to gain clarification in writing from the employee. 

Click here for a searchable list of whistleblower designees at your agency.

Please contact our Office if you have questions.    

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