About the State Auditor's Office

The State Auditor's Office is established in the state's Constitution as part of the executive branch of state government. Washington voters elect the State Auditor to four-year terms. As an agency led by an elected official, we have the independence to perform audits and investigations objectively. Our audits are designed to comply with professional standards and to satisfy the requirements of federal, state and local laws.

Through statute established by the Washington State Legislature and more recently by citizen initiative, the State Auditor has the statutory authority to audit every government in the state. We report objectively and directly to the taxpayers about all levels of government regarding their stewardship of public funds.

What we do

Our audits look at financial information and compliance with state, federal and local laws on the part of all local governments, including schools, and all state agencies, including institutions of higher education. In addition, we: 

  • Perform special investigations of fraud and Whistleblower cases and referrals from our Citizen Hotline.
  • Conduct performance audits of state agencies and local governments.
  • Produce several annual reports addressing state, local and internal matters.
  • Take our role as partners in accountability seriously. We provide training and technical assistance to government organizations and have an extensive program to coordinate audit efficiency and to ensure high-quality audits. To learn more, explore the material in the Local Government Performance Center and Auditing Resources.

Who we are

The State Auditor's Office has about 350 employees, located around the state to deliver our services effectively and efficiently, with many holding advanced degrees, licenses and professional certificates, such as certified public accountant.

Our own financial statements are open to public view

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