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The State Auditor's Office reviews government activities and finances free from
outside control and influence.
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The State Auditor’s Office holds state and local government accountable for the use of public resources.
Who audits the Auditor?
Two organizations - the National State Auditors Association (NSAA) and the Washington State Office of Financial Management review our work and hold us to high standards.
If you want to work for a respected organization whose purpose is to ensure that the people's money is spent honestly and efficiently, you should consider a career at the State Auditor's Office.
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Find your regional audit office, our main office in Olympia, or the staff member assigned to your audit.
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  • Accountability Report of First Place Scholars Charter School
    Key policies and procedures regarding finances and lines of responsibility should be established to improve accountability at Washington’s first charter school, this accountability audit found.
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  • Workforce Development Systems
    This audit mapped a complex network of 55 programs, managed by 12 state agencies and multiple service providers, at a cost of more than $1 billion a year in federal and state funds. We also identified areas of risk for further analysis, related to coordination among programs and variations in local service delivery.
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  • Regulatory Reform: Enhancing Regulatory Agency Coordination
    The state would benefit from a more strategic approach to coordinating agency regulatory approvals, our performance audit found.
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  • Prioritizing Fraud Investigations at the Department of Social and Health Services' Office of Fraud and Accountability
    In our performance audit of the Department of Social and Health Services' Office of Fraud and Accountability, we found they could do more to prioritize investigations & reduce backlog.
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  • Completeness of Washington’s Criminal History Records Database
    This performance audit evaluated whether or not Washington’s criminal history records database is complete, and if not, why not.
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  • 2014 SWSA Summary
    The Single Audit is an independent audit of systems and internal controls over federally funded programs to ensure compliance with federal regulations. The audit is required as a condition of grants the state receives. It is intended to assess how well the state ensures the federal dollars it receives are spent properly.
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  • ReportTypeReleased
    City of BremertonAccountability11/23/2015view report
    City of FifeAccountability11/23/2015view report
    City of West RichlandAccountability11/23/2015view report
    City of West RichlandFinancial11/23/2015view report
    Cowlitz County Mosquito Control DistrictAccountability11/23/2015view report
    Franklin County Fire Protection District No 1Accountability11/23/2015view report
    Inchelium Water DistrictAssessment Audit11/23/2015view report
    King County Fire Protection District No 13Financial11/23/2015view report
    King County Fire Protection District No 13Accountability11/23/2015view report
    King County Water District No 54Accountability11/23/2015view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Northeast Sammamish Sewer and Water DistrictAccountability11/23/2015view report
    Olympic CollegeAccountability11/23/2015view report
    Public Utility District No 1 of Lewis County Accountability11/23/2015view report
    Skagit County Drainage District No 16Assessment Audit11/23/2015view report
    Southwest Clean Air AgencyAccountability11/23/2015view report
    Stevens County Fire Protection District No 11Assessment Audit11/23/2015view report
    Thurston County Cemetery District No 2Accountability11/23/2015view report
    Yakima County Mosquito Control District No 1Assessment Audit11/23/2015view report

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    Yakima County
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    King County
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    City of Everett
    Financial and Federal
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    Natural Resources, Department of
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    City of Bellevue
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  • Fraud
    Social and Health Services, Department of
  • Attestation Engagements
    City of Spokane Valley GASB 68 Examination Report
    Attestation Engagements
  • Accountability
    Odessa School District No 105
  • Whistleblower
    Fish and Wildlife, Department of
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    City of Arlington
    Financial and Federal