First-ever comprehensive look at ALE
In Washington, public school students can be educated in different settings.  Under a program called “Alternative Learning Experience,” or ALE, public school students can choose from a variety of educational models.  Our Office put together a first-ever comprehensive data visualization on how these programs serve students that you can see here.
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  • Alternative Learning Experience: Student characteristics and innovative approaches
    This performance audit found ALE serves student populations not always well served in traditional schools
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  • Alternative Learning Experience: Financial Audit Capstone
    This capstone report presents the results of four years of accountability audits.
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  • Leading Practices for the State's Secondary CTE Programs
    This performance audit found leading practices that can help create more opportunities for students in career and technical education programs.
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  • Ensuring transparent pricing, customer-focused IT services at WaTech
    A new performance audit examined state agency concerns about WaTech’s IT services.
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  • Reducing Costs Through Faster Medicaid Income Verifications
    This performance audit examined how the Health Care Authority can more quickly verify the incomes of Apple Health clients in order to reduce spending on benefits for people who do not qualify to receive them.
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  • Determining Costs per Student for Washington's Medical Schools
    At the Legislature’s direction, we examined the costs of educating a medical student at the University of Washington and Washington State University medical schools.
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  • ReportTypeReleased
    Benton CountyAccountability4/19/2018view report
    Burlington-Edison School District No 100Financial and Federal4/19/2018view report
    City of DavenportAccountability4/19/2018view report
    City of DavenportFinancial4/19/2018view report
    Criminal Justice Training CommissionAccountability4/19/2018view report
    Douglas County Sewer District No 1Accountability4/19/2018view report
    Douglas County Sewer District No 1Financial4/19/2018view report
    Goldendale School District No 404Accountability4/19/2018view report
    Kalama School District No 402Accountability4/19/2018view report
    Kalama School District No 402Financial4/19/2018view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Kittitas County Fire Protection District No 6Accountability4/19/2018view report
    Meridian School District No 505Financial and Federal4/19/2018view report
    Port of AnacortesFinancial4/19/2018view report
    Port of AnacortesAccountability4/19/2018view report
    Port of Anacortes Industrial Development CorporationAssessment Audit4/19/2018view report
    Pullman School District No 267Accountability4/19/2018view report
    Pullman School District No 267Financial and Federal4/19/2018view report
    Stanwood-Camano School District No 401Financial and Federal4/19/2018view report
    Stanwood-Camano School District No 401Accountability4/19/2018view report
    Vashon Island School District No 402Accountability4/19/2018view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Wapato School District No 207Financial and Federal4/19/2018view report
    Whitman County Park and Recreation District No 5Accountability4/19/2018view report
    Yakima School District No 7Financial and Federal4/19/2018view report
    Birch Bay Water and Sewer DistrictFinancial4/16/2018view report
    Birch Bay Water and Sewer DistrictAccountability4/16/2018view report
    City of TacomaAccountability4/16/2018view report
    Compliance with the Energy Independence Act (1937): Public Utility District of Lewis CountyAttestation Engagements4/16/2018view report
    Green Tank Irrigation District No 11Assessment Audit4/16/2018view report
    Highland School District No 203Financial and Federal4/16/2018view report
    Marshland Flood Control DistrictAssessment Audit4/16/2018view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Medical Information Network - North SoundAccountability4/16/2018view report
    Old Bangor Water DistrictAssessment Audit4/16/2018view report
    Port of KeyportAssessment Audit4/16/2018view report
    Specialized Emergency Response ProgramAssessment Audit4/16/2018view report
    Toutle Lake School District No 130Financial4/16/2018view report
    Toutle Lake School District No 130Accountability4/16/2018view report

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  • Fraud
    West Valley School District No 363
  • Fraud
    Social and Health Services, Department of
  • Whistleblower
    Social and Health Services, Department of
  • Fraud
    Lewis County Fire Protection District No 9
  • Financial
    Ecology, Department of
  • Whistleblower
    Corrections, Department of
  • Financial
    Washington State University
  • Whistleblower
    Social and Health Services, Department of
  • Financial
    Stevens County
  • Financial
    Wenatchee Valley College